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Vets renew call for overhaul of Dangerous Dogs Act

27th July, 2021

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Dangerous Dogs Act and an overhaul of the controversial legislation is long overdue, vets believe....

Owner feeding dog

Health warning over raw dog food

21st July, 2021

Raw dog food is a source of bacteria that are resistant to last-resort antibiotics and could potentially spread to humans, researchers have warned....

Pet dog

Pets often catch coronavirus from their owners, study suggests

20th July, 2021

People diagnosed with Covid-19 should stay away from pets in the home to avoid passing on the virus, researchers have said....

How smart is your cat?

How smart is your cat?

16th July, 2021

Read on to learn about why researchers think we could be underestimating our pets, and how yours could pick up a surprising number of skills with the right teaching....

Purely Pets comes up Top Trumps with dog-friendly holiday prize

Purely Pets comes up Top Trumps with dog-friendly holiday prize

7th July, 2021

Keep your family entertained this summer with Purely Pets Popular Puppies Top Trumps!...

Affectionate Cat

Pet cats may have become more affectionate during lockdown, researchers say

6th July, 2021

Cats have been a source of comfort and companionship for many of us over the past year, and it seems that our furry friends may have responded to the unusual circumstances by becoming more affectionate....

An anxious looking dog laying in its bed

How to cope with separation anxiety in dogs

6th July, 2021

Read on for our guide to separation anxiety, including a five-step plan to prepare your dog to be left alone, plus 11 top tips for helping your pet overcome the problem....

A cat coughing up a hairball

How to help a cat with hairballs

29th June, 2021

You want your cat to be a playful, cuddly ball of fun, so it can be upsetting to see your pet seemingly coughing and choking on a hairball. While the sound and sight of hairballs may be less than pleasant, the odd one is nothing to worry about....

Puppy allergies

Allergies in dogs

24th June, 2021

Allergies in dogs or allergic dermatitis is when a pet’s immune system is triggered by an allergen. To most dogs these allergens are harmless but a pet with allergies will have an extreme reaction to them....